Been thinking about taking the plunge and going for a shorter tussled look now that spring fashion is in focus? There’s no better time of the year to experiment and become a proud member of the short hair club. Just imagine enjoying the warmer weather with a fashionable pixie cut, bob or even a shaved-side pompadour! Closely cropped looks have never been more stylish than they are at the moment, and you can break out of a season ending style-rut by embracing a new streamlined look.

Don’t be shy when it comes to asking your favourite trusted stylist about which short hairstyles are best suited for your specific facial structure. The simple fact of whether you have been blessed with an ovular, round or heart-shaped face can make all the difference when it comes to a short and chic salon-perfect cut. A good stylist will quickly come up with several options that you can mull over together, and if you come in with a specific photo on Facebook or Twitter then they can point you in the right direction even faster!

Short hairstyles for women will always have an advantage over longer locks in terms of upkeep and maintenance. Wispy, layered locks can look as tussled and weighted as you like thanks to all-over volumizing and texturing hair cream-mousse like Redken Aerate 08. Massage in a dollop of this hybrid product to add volume while increasing overall moisture and manageability. UV-filters also help to protect colour-treated hair, so your ombre will retain its two-toned look even longer.

The right product can help to carve out a hairstyle as much as a sitting with the scissors. Talk with your stylist at about salon exclusive gels, waxes and pomades that will keep your hair in place and looking fresh for hours after application. A talented stylist will layer your short haircut if asked, and this layering can remove weight for those with thick, heavy hair. A layered short haircut is light enough to style into almost any look you desire provided you have the right hair products at your disposal! And here is the best part: those hurry-up-and-go mornings will become that much easier to handle because your styling is built into your haircut. Brush and go when you are in a rush, and sculpt your own look from home with Redken hair products when you have a specific look in mind for those special nights out.

So, you and your stylist have put your heads together and come up with a fashionable bob or pixie cut that is sure to frame your face fashionably. Don’t forget to ask about upkeep! Products like Rewind 06 work to keep your new look salon-fresh and fabulous. Redken Rewind 06 is a pliable, medium-hold hair paste that allows you to create versatile hairstyles on any length. The best part is that your hair will remain moist and flexible so that you can rearrange your hairstyle on the fly! If you are in the Richmond Hill or Aurora, Ontario area you can book a cost-free consultation at a Redken Certified Salon to find out which product and hair style will best suit your needs.

Asymmetrical graduated bobs showcase those of you who are blessed with a long neck, and there has always been mysterious element that shrouds those brave enough to go for an over-eye look. Graduated haircuts also help add an element of illusion with regards to layering. Graded cuts are especially good at framing the profile.

Shorter, statement-making hairstyles never cease to steal the spotlight, whether on stage like performers Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, or at red carpet film premiers like actresses Scarlett Johansson, Michelle Williams, Anne Hathaway and Kristen Stewart. Pixie cuts are timeless, so there’s no coincidence that hotties like Charlize Theron and Ruby Rose choose to light up magazine covers and Instagram with the infamous cropped cut.

So, you’ve taken the plunge and chopped off that ponytail in lieu of a breezy, low hassle look. Make sure to go out of your way to accessorize with hair bands, ribbons or berets and clips to add that special je ne sais quoi to your new look. A little bit of flair will help to frame your face and accentuate your fresh new features. Sometimes all it takes to perfect a dazzling new ‘do is the right prop! Be playful with your new look and be sure to ask your favourite fashionable girlfriend for advice on what looks best.

Pixie cuts can look as girlie or as androgynous as you so desire.  Add a matte lipstick to stick with the seasonal autumn vibe and be prepared to turn heads and collect compliments. The pixie cut grows out gracefully over time and allows for some exciting styling opportunities. It’s a common misconception that short hair can become boring over time because of a lack of styling options. On the contrary, many cropped hair converts beam about how much more they experiment with short hair as opposed to when they sported waist-length waves.

Always wanted to try out a short fringe so you can be sweeping back bouncy bangs with your fresh and sassy new look? Teasing the roots of your hair will boost volume yet leave a delicate, soft finish. Your hair will look plump as you ruffle your way to a quick and easy new look. To preserve the look, mist your new hairstyle with Redken Wax Blast 10 high impact finishing wax-spray. This medium control aerosol product texturizes and gives hair a tousled look with both body and dimension. The satin-matte finish doesn’t go on feeling waxy and will leave your hair looking wind-kissed yet manageable. Imagine the finish of a wax with the lightness of a spray!