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Redken Certified Salon in Richmond Hill

Are you satisfied with the standards and service offered by your current salon? Not all in-depth beauty consultations are created equal, and not all salons require their staff to be certified in hair care domains like creative colouring and colour correction. Go out of your way to demand the highest standard of service using the best products in the hair care industry. The closest Redken Certified Salon in Richmond Hill, Ontario is closer than you think, and their certified staff are eager to show you how to mix, match, blend and layer your hair to get the exact look you desire. Redken certified salons are recognized as the number one colour certification in Canada because their exceptional standards in technical skill, as well as for their innovative hair colouring techniques and products.

Redken Certified Salons are a global network of award-winning stylists who have received individual accreditation from some of the top hair care educators around the world. To become a Redken Certified Hair colourist, each stylist must complete a series of comprehensive tests.  These tests include written, practical and scenario-based for the ultimate education in hair colour principles, creative colouring, foil placement, colour correction, brand knowledge and colour theory. It is a strenuous series of tests which demand intimate knowledge about the science of hair care. The result is an assurance that each Redken hair salon will provide unrivalled service and hair care products of the highest possible quality.

Hair health was revolutionized in the professional salon business by Redken in 1960 with the introduction of protein reconditioning. The science behind this technological breakthrough comes from the discovery that human hair is primarily composed of proteins and that it also absorbs topically-applied proteins that assist in promoting healthier hair. Supplied with this new science-based knowledge, Redken developed a host of protein-based hair products that helped condition and rejuvenate hair internally over the long term, as opposed to simply camouflaging damaged hair.

This focus on long-term hair health is the fundamental basis for each Redken retail take home care product. These patented hair care technologies provide customers with the most technologically advanced hair products in the industry. Hair after-care like Redken’s Shot Phase Extreme for distressed hair provides a concentrated dose of protein that chemically fortifies distressed hair and helps reinforce each internal fibre by repairing the cuticle and lipid layer.

Stylists who have been educated up to the Redken standard will surprise you with their ability to innovate. If you have ever had your hair coloured at a salon, you will certainly be familiar with terms like balayage (where the colouring is swept on with a brush) and foiling (when hair is covered with colouring and then wrapped in foil strands).

Healthy hair fortunately isn’t limited to how often you find your way to the salon chair. Take-home hair care products like Redken Colour Extend Magnetics Deep Attraction Mask help to actively extend the life of your salon-perfect hair colouring. The sulphate-free hair mask for colour-treated hair strengthens each hair fibre and provides intense replenishment, leaving hair feeling softer and smoother. This product works best after shampooing, just apply the mask to towel-dried hair and leave on for 5-to-15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. The amino ions work instantly to protect your hair by sealing in colour, while amino acids like glutamic acid and serine go to work replenishing the strength and health of your hair strands.

One of the major culprits responsible for fading hair colour is excessive heat styling. Using hot tools like straighteners or curling irons can actively damage the outer layer of your hair and cause it to become weak and dull. Too much exposure to heat elements can leave your hair susceptible to breakage or frayed split ends. The perfect preservation sidekick to the Redken colour mask is Redken’s heat styling Heat Design 09: Hair Colour Protecting Gel, which provides heat protection and gives high shine to colour-treated hair. Like the mask, this gel adds body and shape to all hair types while helping to revive damaged hair. Applying this thermal gel will add body and shape with a medium stiffness control, helping to protect your hair’s colour vibrancy from hot tools up to 450 degrees. Apply from root-to-tip and brush through to evenly distribute the product and keep your hair looking and feeling salon fresh.

Redken hair products work to reinvigorate hair follicles even while you are asleep. Apply a small amount of Redken All Soft Argan-6 Multi-Care Oil to dry and even brittle colour-treated hair for an instant boost in overall softness, deep conditioning and shine. This powerful oil helps to nourish your hair from the inside out. When left overnight, you will notice an intense increase in softness on account of the omega-6 oil and the interlocking protein network that conditions and strengthens the hair’s core. And here’s a tip straight from Redken’s advanced hair care stylists: wrap your hair with an old satin scarf after applying the oil before going to bed. This will keep the oil from staining your pillowcases and bed sheets, and the satin will cause less frizz and breakage than cotton or synthetic fabrics. Just one of the many tips that the hair and colour experts at your Redken Certified Salon in Richmond Hill will be more than happy to share!